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Liberal Science

The Liberal Science program at Nipissing University provides students with a broad-based understanding of a number of scientific disciplines. General in nature and flexible in structure, Nipissing’s Liberal Science program focuses on the basic concepts and orientations of modern science, and considers its role in today’s society.

Important facts of Liberal Science

Courses include

  • Thinking Clearly
  • Buillshit, Bias, and Propaganda: Reasoning about the Irrational

Fulltime duration:
48 months

Study start date:
2024-09-05 (Every year in September)

Application deadline:
2024-04-01 (Every year in April)

Tuition fees:

  • CAD 23000 /year (international)
  • CAD 6018 /year (national)


  • Natural Sciences
  • Liberal Arts
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